How much does it cost?

Our service costs AU$0.70c per member per day. It costs nothing to set up a platform, and you only pay for what you use once you start adding members. We collate these fees, then charge you the total once per week each Sunday.

Am I locked into a contract if I create a platform?

No. We have no contracts of any kind.

How much should I charge my members?

That is entirely up to you. We charge for our service, you charge your customers for yours.

How do my members access my platform?‍

After you create your platform, you will be assigned a unique web address based on your business name. For example, Ash Zone Gym would be given a web address like ashzone.mymealplan.me

Your members will be automatically emailed with a password once you add them to your platform.

They can choose to log in and access their plan via your web address - or through dedicated iOS & Android mobile apps.

Do my members have to sign up for a set length of time?

That's entirely up to you. When you add a member for the first time, you set how long they will have access to your platform for. You can cancel or extend this at any time, at your discretion.

Are your meal plans really unique?

Yes, each and every one is different. Our propriety algorithm calculates tens of thousands of variations during the creation of a plan. It finds the perfect combination to match a user's preferences against their desired goals. That's how we can hit a calorie and macro target every time with such precision. For a human being to follow the same process to create one of our plans would take months of work.

How often are plans generated?

A user's first plan is generated right after they register. After that, they will receive a new plan every Friday.

What macro split are your plans?

Our plans aim for a 30% protein / 30% carbohydrate / 40% healthy fat split. This is often known as a Mediterranean diet and is scientifically proven as a sustainable and safe method of weight loss.

Can I set my own calorie targets for my customers?

Yes, you may choose to override our calculations and set a specific calorie target for any of your customers. We will hit this target, whilst upholding your member's food preferences, with an accuracy of 99.7%.

How do I provide support to my members?‍

Whilst it is your responsibility to provide support to members of your platform, we provide a knowledge guide that any member access by clicking on 'help' from within their plan. The knowledge guide is designed to assist members with a variety of common questions.